mission opportunities

Immanuel is a community driven by mission.

We see mission as participation in the present Kingdom of God, and we invite others to serve in mission with us.  Anyone can participate. We are also a discipling community, committed to helping one another have a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.  At Immanuel, mission is not separate from discipling.  We disciple one another in mission.  We have several opportunities and entry points into service.  Here are our core missions:

streetlife communities

StreetLife has been on the ground in Milwaukee serving the homeless and other highly marginalized communities and individuals since 2001.  Our mission statement: As created equals, we provide and restore respect, hope and place in the community by providing access to resources to the underserved of Milwaukee. This mission has multiple facets and opportunities to serve during the week.  In addition to our own hands-on service to the Milwaukee community, StreetLife Communities inspires and assists others to plant missions in their home communities.  We host immersion retreats to lend vision and strategies, and we send teams to assist in planting new missions around the country and world.

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despensa de la paz food pantry

In partnership with Friedens Community Ministries, Immanuel operates a food pantry in one of the most underserved neighborhoods on the Southside of Milwaukee.  In 2015, Despensa de la Paz was able to provide 3-5 days of healthy food to 26,000 individuals.  Despensa serves the community on Saturdays from 8:30am-1:00pm, with a variety of services experiences available.

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reignstorm youth rescue

ReignStorm is a mission designed to disciple teenagers into a Kingdom of God lifestyle as opposed to the temptations and enticements that the street and their peer groups offer them.  ReignStorm is alternative community that disciples and supports each other throughout the week.  They live life together.  We also host large group gatherings on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:00.  At these gatherings, young people get in the Word together, pray together, have fun together, and break bread together.  There a number of ways to serve in this mission.  We are in need of drivers, cooks, mentors, and counselors who are willing to open their lives up to these young people.

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tutoring & mentoring

As a support mission for ReignStorm and StreetLife Communities, Immanuel has a tutoring and mentoring mission to assist our community in developing skills and disciplines that will help them succeed in school, interviews, job search, personal finance, and actual work skills. Our tutors and mentors come alongside individuals who seek their assistance.  They partner together to create pathways for the best possible chance of success.  Our approach is relational, rather than programmatic.  We are always both learners and teachers in every aspect of what we do in this mission.  We are in need of specific subject tutors, drivers, and one-to-one life skills mentors. We are in need of knowledge and wisdom ranging from middle and high school subjects, to family budgeting, to basic auto maintenance.  If you have a skill, we have a need.  Tutors and mentors meet with their partners on Sunday afternoons from noon until about 2:00, and on weekday evenings by individual arrangement.

st. ben’s meal program

Immanuel has opportunities to provide a hot meal to people with few resources through our strategic partnership with St. Ben’s meal program, and in conjunction with some of our partners in mission. St. Benjamin the Moor Church is located downtown at the corner of 9th and State Streets.
This is a great “first step” into mission. This is a fantastic opportunity to invite friends who don’t know the Lord to come and see.